The enhancement of the territory, the awareness of local traditions and the experience as an emotional tool to experience Piedmont are our goal.

The "Savoia" project, developed by the Consortium of the Royal Lands of Piedmont, aims to create a sustainable tourist destination that can tell the story of the Savoy residences system, a recognised UNESCO heritage site, through experiential and genuine itineraries but above all integrated with the wonderful local fabric, the true guarantor of the excellence of our territory.

The Consortium's working group, together with the knowledge and experience of tour operators, local communities, public institutions, historians of the Savoy world and our associates, has developed a product that is representative of our tourist destination and integrates several thematic areas:

  • The complex system of Savoy castles and residences from a historical, cultural and architectural point of view.

  • The enjoyment of the many naturalistic areas and river parks through the study and creation of a single cycling route that crosses our territory and the Savoy destinations.

  • Food and wine is seen as representative of Savoy history, through in-depth study of the ancient noble recipes savoured at court and in conviviality, but also as traditional in the modern evolution of dishes that are now known throughout Italy and beyond.

  • Well-being experienced as a journey of the senses, conveyed not only by genuine experiences lived in close contact with local communities, but also through the enormous natural heritage of aromatic and officinal herbs, edible flowers and fruit and vegetable products that characterise Piedmont.

This project, born from the desire to redevelop and enhance the inherent heritage of our regional territory and the popular traditions of our communities, aims to become a tourism product without borders through interregional and international cooperation.



The life of the Savoy family is a cultural heritage that has undeniably and profoundly influenced our present and future. The majestic architecture of the castles and aristocratic residences, the lifestyles of the dynasties and dynasties that followed one another over the years, or the tastes that animated the busy kitchens of the time, have laid the foundations of our culture. The best way to fully experience these historical and architectural excellences is through an integrated approach that allows the traveller to get to know the life stories of the Savoy dynasties in their various residences, but also the traditions linked to the communities... and all this lived in total communion with nature, on board a bike - why not?