The Piedmontese flat lands are so rich in castles, royal residences and quaint villages particularly interesting for their architecture, that can offer a wide tourist panorama, both from an artistic as well as from an historical point of view.

The most ancient and liturgical history have left traces in these territories, well documented by the numerous archaeological sites, the abbeys and the marvellous sanctuaries with their artistic and pictorial wonders. 

Well-known for the vast green areas and for the agricultural tradition, these lands are strongly developing an active tourism in the great parks close to rivers and an educational tourism thanks to wide spaces and mainly to knowledge that locals share with their guests, young and old.

Last but not least, none are the areas lacking a local cuisine strongly tied to their land and products. Food and wine tourism is now a driving element for the entire sector and goes well with the range of offers or activities that the Cuneo plain has.



City of Fossano and surroundings

Vicoforte, Mondovì and surroundings

Cities of Savigliano, Racconigi and surroundings

Cities of Bra, Cherasco and surroundings

City of Torino and surroundings