The concept of well-being encompasses all aspects of our lives and has a profound effect on the quality of our social environment. Our physical wellbeing is inseparable from our mental wellbeing and consequently also from our social wellbeing, which in turn enables us to have a healthy relationship with others, with nature and with the environment in which we live.

The Savoia project, which aims to create integrated itineraries that tell the story of life at court through sustainable experiences and activities that are strongly interconnected with the genuine interrelationship with the traditions of local communities, fits perfectly into the context of well-being.

We delved into the magical world of medicinal and aromatic herbs, flowers and wild plants, of the essential oils derived from them, but also of fruit, vegetables and food products grown with an awareness of the fundamental role they play in the wellbeing of our communities, and we experienced this heritage through our senses.

Taste, smell and sight, first and foremost, are important vehicles of wellbeing, so our itineraries are linked to them and find an experiential habitat of excellence in the Terre Reali.

Discover the great aromatic heritage of Piedmont and experience it through your senses with our Royal Wellness itineraries!