The House of Fairy Tales is a place of community and culture thanks to its location in the territory; the structure is in fact a diffuse hotel. This proposal was conceived in the 1980s in Friuli and then spread throughout the country.

In a nutshell, it is a proposal designed to offer guests the experience of living in the historic centre of a town, with all the hotel services, i.e. reception, assistance, catering, common areas and services for guests, staying in houses and rooms no more than 200 metres from the "heart" of the albergo diffuso: the building where the reception, common areas and dining area are located. But the AD is also a model of territorial development that does not create environmental impact. In order to create an Albergo Diffuso it is not necessary to build anything, as it is limited to recovering/restructuring and networking what already exists.

In the background, Monviso creates an evocative panorama to be admired in the peace on the outskirts of the town of Fossano.


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